Report Someone's Passing

Losing someone in your life is tough. We understand this and hope Perpetu will make it easier for you.

A Last Favour

This may be the last thing you could do for the person who has passed away. Make his/her final wishes come true by filling in the form below:

What Happens Next?

  1. Upon submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation email from us. We may contact you further if we require more information.
  2. Just to make sure, we will also try to reach the person who has reportedly passed away.
  3. Upon verification, Perpetu will carry out the wishes of the person.

What are the Final Wishes?

For privacy reasons, we cannot tell you what the person’ s final wishes are, but it could be:

  • some final words that he/she would like to post on Facebook
  • a final tweet of goodbye
  • online photo albums that are worth keeping
  • files from Dropbox that this person may want to send to colleagues and friends, or
  • some other wishes that this person has left on Perpetu regarding his/her personal accounts.

Essentially, it’s how this person wants to be remembered, and you play an important role by making it happen.