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What is Perpetu about?

Why do I need Perpetu?

Because after you pass away, your online content may be locked from access, deleted, lost, or even disclosed to others without your consent.

It means that:

  • your Facebook profile may turn into a wall of spam
  • your loved ones may no longer see photo albums of your happy moments on Facebook
  • people who email you don't get any reply
  • Gmail may show all your emails to your family
  • your family may lose access to important info stored in your email
  • Twitter may delete all your updates, as if you never existed
  • your work files on Dropbox will be forever buried

... and the list goes on.

You have no control. It is not up to you.

Perpetu is a prize-winning and innovative platform which allows you to decide what would happen to your online accounts, after you pass away. With a few clicks, and no password-sharing, users can choose how they want to be remembered, and have more control over their online content.

Which online services does Perpetu cover?

We currently take care of your Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Dropbox, Flickr, LinkedIn and GitHub accounts.

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What exactly can I do on Perpetu?


Leave a Final Wall Post - say your final words!

Download Photos - select albums you want to keep!

Download Timeline - keep a chronology of your life!

Download Private Messages - forward important conversations you've had!


Forward Future Emails - so someone else could manage them for you

Create an Auto-Responder - so people know what happened

Download Emails - and send them to someone you trust

Delete Emails - that you don't want anyone to see

Download Contacts from your Address Book


Leave a Final Tweet - say goodbye from heaven!

Download Tweets - to prevent them from perishing.

Delete all your tweets - if you wish to bury them altogether.

Download Direct Messages - those little messages you want to keep.

Delete Direct Messages - leaving them online may not be safe.


Protect your important files! Send them to people you specify.

Delete files you want gone, so they don't stay online forever, waiting to be hacked.


Upload your Last Photo - say cheese for the last time!

Delete your Photos - so no one could steal or comment on them after you're gone.


Leave a final update - inform your professional contacts whom they should get in touch with.

Download connections - pass a copy to someone who could manage them for you.


Open Source your projects! Select repositories that you would like to make public after you're gone.

Do I need to give you my passwords to Facebook, Twitter, etc.?

No, we do not ask for your passwords to other services. In fact, we don't need them. We simply obtain your permission to perform the actions you need. You may review or revoke these permissions anytime you wish.

Who can see my final wishes?

Nobody, except you.

How would you know I have passed away?

We will only carry out your final wishes if we receive a report of your passing from a person with your Reporting Code. You may specify one or more persons to receive the Reporting Code.

Upon receiving a report of your passing, we will try to contact you first. We wait 30 days for you to reply. We may also contact your heirs if you have specified any.

Is Perpetu free? What is Perpetu Pro?


It's free to leave final wishes for your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Upgrade to Perpetu Pro, so you can do the following:

  • leave final wishes for other accounts (e.g. Gmail, Dropbox, Flickr, LinkedIn and Github)
  • manage multiple accounts (e.g. 2 Facebook accounts + 3 Gmail accounts)

See our awesome pricing options.

What if I also have an offline will?

To ensure that there is no conflict, we recommend that you include express reference to Perpetu in your offline will. Please also make sure that the terms of your offline will do not preclude Perpetu from handling your online accounts upon your passing.

How is Perpetu different from Google's Inactive Accounts Manager (IAM)?

Perpetu was launched before Google's IAM. We welcome Google's initiative although it took years for Google to finally deal with this issue. But Google's IAM will NOT satisfy your needs, if:

  • You want real flexibility and transparency.
  • You use other online services such as Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, etc.
  • You want to decide what happens to your accounts all in one place.
  • You would like to auto-forward all your future incoming emails to someone else who could manage them for you.
  • You want to save your email contacts in your address book.
  • You are using a Google Apps For Your Domain accounts.

What you need would be Perpetu. We have all the features of Google's IAM, and much, much more.


Someone I know has just passed away. How do I report a passing?

We are very sorry for your loss. Please let us know here and we will contact you directly to take the matter forward.

Who makes Perpetu?

We are a passionate team based in Hong Kong. Learn more about us and the awards we've won! Also check out what the world is saying about us.